Fresh Meat is what the derby world calls newbies to the sport. Being a derby player isn’t easy; it takes dedication, time, and a lot of hard work. Our training program is essentially a boot camp and it takes a lot of practice before you’re ready to play an actual game. Our program is an intense two-month training period designed to get you attending regular league practices by November.


Our 2016 recruitment is now open. Please register by filling out this form; please check the complete schedule before signing up, as locations and time change. The schedule can be seen here. See below for payment information. Payment must be made in advance. You may pay with cash on the first day of the program, but you must let us know in advance. You can pay via Interac with PayPal through our payment system. If this is not working, please send a money transfer to capitalcityderbydolls@gmail.com and notify us that you are doing so.


You’ll learn how to fall, how to get back up, and how to get from one end of the gym to the other. We will then build on these fundamentals while offering fitness and intense game study programs.


CCDD’s coaching staff is unparalleled in Ottawa. In 2014, CCDD’s fresh meat team won a fresh meat tournament in Toronto. Their women’s A team is ranked ninth in Canada and will threaten the top 5 in 2017. CCDD’s head coach played for Team Canada at the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup, as did the coach of CCDD’s women’s B team.


CCDD’s fresh meat coaches have put together a challenging program designed to drill in fundamentals, while consistently building on those fundamentals to ensure you are ready to join league practices.


Coach Watcher Ash is a product of CCDD’s fresh meat program. A strong player with excellent analytical and direct skating skills, she brings strong game understanding and years of experience to the table, in addition to an uncanny knack for breaking things down to their most basic elements.


Coach Delicate Plower’s skating fundamentals come from short track speed skating. A certified coach, she started CCDD in 2010 and has always taken an active “roll” in coaching skaters.


Register online when the link above goes live. SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Practices are held in a high school gym and we cap registration at 35 to guarantee a productive coach/skater ratio.


The program cost varies. Please see the break down to determine what costs apply to you. Please note: we will not chase you to fill out paperwork and submit money. The process is automated for your ease and for ours. If you have not completed/submitted the appropriate information, your spot will be given to someone on the waiting list.


While we do provide rentals on a first come, first served basis, it is essential to note that procuring the rest of the equipment is your responsibility. In addition to quad skates, you need knee pads, elbows pads, wrist guards, a certified helmet (a bike helmet is sufficient), and a mouthguard. Knee and elbow pads must have a hard shell on them. Please visit our sponsor, Neon Skates, for more information regarding protective gear suitable for roller derby. Ottawa is one of a handful of cities with an actual roller derby shop so there’s no need to guess where your size is concerned.


Program cost: $120
Insurance: $30*
Rental skate deposit: $50 (refunded upon return of skates)**
Rental skate fee: $40 (paid upfront, refunded and pro-rated upon purchased of own equipment)***


To pay for just the program, click here.

To play for the program and the equipment, click here.


*If, other than OHIP, you have secondary insurance coverage through work or your own personal insurance plan, you DO NOT need to purchase additional insurance. If you ONLY have OHIP, you MUST PURCHASE CRDi insurance. Please do not bother with apprentice insurance, as you would have to upgrade at the end of November.


**You are not permitted to use rental skates effective November 1, 2016. Rental skates are entry-level skates and must be maintained. They will not withstand the wear and tear of regular practices. Rental skates not returned November 1 are considered yours and your deposit will used to purchase new rental skates.


***The rental skate fee is $20 a month. We request payment upfront and will return money at a pro-rated rate if you purchase your own skates before the end of October.