Derby is for everyone

We’re a player-run, non-profit league that focuses on fun and competitiveness in equal measure. We aim to make roller derby accessible to all levels of play in the Ottawa community.


CCDD offers its members the opportunity to skate recreationally or competitively. With a competitive travel stream and a local house league option, CCDD strives to help skaters meet the objectives they establish for themselves at the desired level of play. Never skated before? We’ve got a program for that too.


All members contribute to the smooth running of the league. As CCDD is a not-for-profit organization, part the money brought in by league goes back into building the league and the rest goes back to the community and to various charities.

We are always looking for prospective players and volunteersto help out and make all of this possible. Visit our Join page to find out how you can be a part of CCDD.